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Boost Your Social Media Presence with Drupal Modules

Drupal 9 Social Media Module

Drupal 9 social media module allows web admins to add social share buttons on their website. The module supports many social networks and includes a block that displays feeds. It also uses an API to connect with other services.

It lets visitors use their Google accounts to log in to your website. This will improve your Drupal user registration rate and allow existing users to login with one click.


The AddToAny Drupal social media module is a powerful tool for website owners and content creators. It encourages engagement and provides insights into social media performance, allowing users to optimize their social sharing strategy. In addition, it integrates with Google Analytics to display sharing stats in one place.

The plugin is mobile-responsive and allows users to customize the look of their share buttons. It also offers many customization options, including color & style overrides, event handling, service templates, URL shorteners, and custom integrations. It is also designed for speed, leveraging asynchronous loading to load your content first or in parallel with the plugin.

Social media platforms may change their APIs or policies, so it is important to keep AddToAny updated and configured in accordance with these changes. Moreover, the success of a social sharing plugin depends on its ability to generate quality content that resonates with visitors. It is also essential to monitor usage and ensure privacy compliance.

Social Feeds

There are a variety of social media integration modules that can boost your website’s performance and reach. These modules include social feeds, which display posts from a variety of social networks on your website in real-time. They can increase engagement and can even improve search engine optimization.

The social feed module is a great option for websites that want to use images and videos to attract more visitors. It provides a scrollable live feed wall that can be customized to fit your content and brand image.

This Drupal social media module allows users to share your content on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. It also includes a widget to track likes, comments and shares. This module uses no external JavaScript or iframes, and it is easy to customize. It also features customizable vector buttons and supports Retina devices. It also has a special field type, allowing you to add it to any page. This makes it flexible to use on all kinds of pages, including nodes, terms, views and panels.

Follow Us

The Follow Us module allows a website visitor to follow a website on social media platforms. This can help a company build awareness, increase its presence on the web, and improve the user experience. This module also allows visitors to easily share content and boosts the search engine optimization of a site.

The Drupal Follow Us module offers many features, including a configurable block, multiple icon sets of various sizes, and support for Panels. It is also lightweight and has a fast load time. It also uses a responsive layout and works well on Retina devices.

The Drupal Shariff Social Media Buttons module connects the Drupal website to the Shariff tool, which helps protect privacy from unnecessary personal data leaks. It is an alternative to other popular sharing buttons and does not call external JavaScript or use iframes. It also provides rudimentary automated testing and backwards compatibility guarantees. It is also constantly updated to fix problems.

Google Login

This social media module allows you to connect your Drupal site with Google Login, allowing visitors to log in using their Twitter or Facebook accounts. It also lets you manage your followers and likes in a single location. This helps you keep track of your social activity and improve your SEO.

This Drupal social media module is easy to use and provides many customization options, including custom color schemes and icons. It also supports multiple services and works with any block, field, or view. Its flexible block configuration and API give you complete flexibility to add or disable services, modify their elements before rendering, and change order.

This social media module for Drupal is a great way to encourage your website’s visitors to share content. It includes visually appealing and lightweight SVG-based buttons with a high level of browser compatibility. The buttons can be displayed anywhere in your site and can be customized in size, text, and more. It also offers secure sharing without leaking visitor personal data.

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